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It’s probably not much fun to be famous at times like this. I don’t envy Lebron James having to face the wrath of much of Northern Ohio. Given his attachment to the region, it will probably shock him a little how angry people are at his decision to play for Miami. While I’m disappointed Cleveland is losing the Lebron James economic stimulus package, as well as a great entertainer, he’s free to do as he wants and it’s clear he wants to play with his buddies and have someone he can rely on. Can’t blame him for that – Ricky Williams, Carlos Boozer, Drew Gooden, Mo Williams, Shaq, Antwan Jamison…it was a revolving door in here. Some stability on the court, where so much of his life is determined, is probably a godsend for him. Even Jordan had fairly stable teammates for much of his career.

If the terrible trio stays together and there’s no falling-out or severe injury to ruin things, they’ll probably get a ring together, but I don’t see them dominating the game. But what do I know?


Written by Michael

July 9, 2010 at 2:01 pm

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